The Monster

“Oh darkness, I want to sing your song forever…”


Continuously topping himself, new music from William Control never disappoints. Pouring his digital heart out with his Neuromantic boys in tow, William is once again bringing the music scene something different & original, wrapped up in blood-tinged synthesizers and savage beats.

The hook “Oh I’m ready, oh I’m ready to hurt again” is sure to get your heart racing before launching into lyrics both seductive and unsettling. Terry Matlin’s black & white videography brings the grey world of William Control to life, the chaos and macabre enticing us to come just a little bit closer. With the breakdown highlighted through red filters that I hope is brought to the stage performance, this is surely William’s most artistic video to date.

“The Monster” is our first taste of the new album, “Revelations”. Split into 4 different EPs: Pale, Black, Red and White, the Pale EP will be dropping mid-October and I’m already counting down the days. Put this one on repeat and dance my friends!!





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