Skin Care Secret Weapons

I’m often asked about my clear skin + “youthful glow” (not my words). After my discovery of makeup + fashion magazines in middle school, I became a moisturizing fiend. I put it on every morning, anytime after I’ve washed my face or showered and right before bed. Being in my 30’s now, those fiendish ways have gone full blown obsessive! I’m NEVER without my moisturizer. I’ve tried many different kinds: cheap, OTC drugstore creams to high end, super ‘spensive tubs of goo. And to be honest, most of my favorite products are under $10. I’m a HUGE fan of Dermalogica but sometimes, my wallet is not. The only brand I’ve wanted to try (moisturizing-wise) but have yet to do so is La Mer because hello, that stuff is super DUPER ‘spensive!

Below, you’ll find all of my skin care secret weapons! Please keep in mind, what works for me may NOT work for you, depending on your skin type. I have super dry skin as well as eczema on my cheeks + scalp (thanks mom + dad) so most products I use promote mucho hydration (something that someone with oily skin may not necessarily need).

Currently, I’m using St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen and Elastin Facial Moisturizer, which I absolutely adore. On top of being roughly $5, its super light + hydrating for my dry skin, is non-greasy and does NOT cause breakouts. Elastin proteins + collagen help improve elasticity while safflower oil + glycerin hydrate to combat dry, rough skin. Its a big win for my thirsty, Sahara-like face.


Because of my dry skin, I need all the help I can get to remove the dead skin from my face.  I do a weekly enzyme peel with my handy-dandy Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Peeling Gel, which has become a HUGE exfoliating life-savor.  After washing + drying my face, I gently massage this gel in a circular motion to to roll, lift and sweep away the dead skin cells; you can literally see the grossness clumping up on your face! This is definitely the most expensive product currently in my skincare regimen that I use on a weekly basis but its an absolute necessity. It keeps that layer of microscopic dirt, dead skin + other ickies at a minimum (which can definitely help your makeup go on MUCH smoother).

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 2.59.16 PM

However, my main secret weapon for all things skin-care is the one and only coconut oil.


Ladies (and gents), allow coconut oil to be your best friend!! Not only is it ridiculously cheap but it has SO many health benefits for your hair, skin, teeth, nails as well as your insides! It contains lots of easily digestible, fat-soluble vitamins: A,D,E and K. (Vitamin A is good for the immune system, Vitamin E has strong antioxidant properties for the skin and can provide some protection against UV rays, Vitamin D is good for strong bones and teeth, and Vitamin K is good for blood-clotting.) There are also self-massage benefits, which i will talk about more in my Healthy Sunday blog. Do your own research on coconut oil to read about even more benefits. 

5 favorite uses for coconut oil
UNO. Makeup remover
(before I wash my face; sometimes I mix it in with my face wash)
DOS. Shaving
(its way more hydrating than ANY shave cream + forget razor burn)
TROIS. Hair Masque
(I soak my entire head once or twice a month for at least 30 minutes)
QUATRE. Sugar + Oil scrub for scalp (combine to a grainy paste-like texture)
(mean ol’ eczema: I WILL fight you! The sugar is a gentle exfoliant that feels so wonderful on tight dry scalps like mine. I do this 2-3 times a month)
FIVE. Sugar + Oil Foot scrub (combine to same grainy paste-like texture as above)
(not only does this get your feet baby soft but it feels UHmazing)

I could go on and on about why I love coconut oil so much but I have one last important “secret weapon” I want to talk about: Essentia Water.
This stuff is my heaven in a bottle. I have one with me nearly all the time. Its super hydrating, velvety texture is one that cannot really be described but must be experienced and it has honestly turned me into a water snob. In the past, I’ve had awful experiences with bacterial infections due to my PH getting wonky during that time of the month and being prescribed antibiotics for said infections. The bad thing about antibiotics is that while they get rid of the bad bacteria, they also take with it, the good bacteria, leaving you on a merry-go-round of endless infections. The trick that I found, after many, MANY uncomfortable months was a lovely combination of probiotics (Fem-Dophilus works miracles) and water water water WATER! I had done some research on how to control my PH balance myself and came across alkaline water, which helps to neutralize acid in the bloodstream that causes your PH to rise. Essentia water has a PH of 9.5, which means through ionization, acidic ions are removed and a charge is passed through the water, literally energizing it. The taste is so smooth + refreshing and in my opinion, helped me clear out all that crummy bad bacteria in a much healthier and natural way through simple hydration. Hydrating from the inside out not only affects your inner organs but your huge, outer organ called…yep, SKIN. When your skin lacks hydration, it lets you know by turning dry, tight and flaky. Then, while drinking your H20, apply more moisturizer.

Look it up. I promise its all true.

What some of your favorite moisturizers?
Have you tried Essentia?

(a random shot of me clutching my heaven in a bottle)

And FYI, none of the companies listed here paid me in any way to promote their products. These are my true, genuine opinions…


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