Porch Fly Clothing


As a growing source of art, entertainment and education, Raleigh, the second most populated city in North Carolina (after Charlotte), is rich with an incredibly talented local scene. From circus arts to breweries; restaurants and rad clothing designers, there is always something new + exciting going on in “The City of Oaks“. The culture here is one of laid-back relaxation + happiness, which is probably why I love living here so much.


Established in 2012 by Joshua Gruder and Bryant Szabo, Porch Fly creates super comfortable + stylish shirts that represent not just the culture of Raleigh but the unique vibe itself.


Made out of strong poly cotton + tri-blend materials which make them less susceptible to shrinking and/or stretching, these are some of my favorite shirts to wear because they are so ridiculously soft + comfortable. I’ve received numerous compliments and questions when I’ve worn them out, especially my Whisk-Key tank as well as The Streets of DTR. The visually pleasing designs are interesting + eye-catching without being overly in-your-face, making anyone who wears these shirts stand out.

With a motto that says no matter where you’re from, or what you do, there is always time to “enjoy the porch”, these guys give due respect to the simple and great things in life. Family, friendship and hometown love are high on their agenda. I absolutely love what they’re doing + how they’re representing Raleigh.

You can also grab a sweet, super-sturdy, hand-made all-natural leather koozie for all of your afternoon back porch needs as well as snazzy cases to give your phone some unique NC flair.



What are some of your favorite local spots? Brands?

I’m always looking for new places to explore, delicious food to eat and all of the things in*between..

Porchfly on..


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