Kendra McKay Stewart – Hair Artist Extraordinaire



I get asked about my hair on a weekly basis. I’ve had women stop me in Starbucks, requesting the business card of my stylist so they could schedule appointments ASAP (which they ACTUALLY did). Little girls (and sometimes boys) look on in wonder and giggle as they tell me how much they like my hair. It always makes me smile.

Currently at Cloud 9 Studios in Apex NC, Kendra has been mastering my hair for nearly 5 years. She used to come to my house and work her magic in my kitchen before she found a place to plant her feet (and her shears).

Having been a moron who tried to bleach her hair herself for so many years and bouncing from salon to salon trying to get it corrected, I spent SO much money (I don’t want to talk about it) and was NEVER happy with the results. I would have straw-like blond-ISH hair with super gold roots, which in the land of blonde hair, is a BIG no-no (unless that’s the look you’re going for).

I met Kendra through mutual friends and liked her right away. She was super warm, friendly and had one of the greatest smile/ laughter combinations of anyone I had ever met.

Then we started talking about hair.

She guaranteed she could not only correct my hair + get rid of my super gold roots but she could also get it healthy again. I took her up on that bet I had heard before from numerous fancy-schmancy hair salons who had all failed me in the past. She came to my house about 2 weeks later and the rest is history (or should I say HAIRstory? yuck yuck yuck).

Not only was she right but she pretty much blew my mind. She was like a hair scientist who concocted the perfect regimen of awesomeness for my hair. Although I’m not 100% on the exact “formula”, I know she uses Olaplex (their No. 3 Hair Perfecter is a must-have now) and also does Keratin treatments (which if you’ve never had one, imagine 98.9% of your frizz GONE for 3 months), which have all been miracle workers for my dry, thirsty locks of straw.

She completely eliminated my roots and had me platinum in no time. But the most amazing part was the fact that my hair actually had movement for the first time in years! From that moment on, I knew Kendra would be the only hands I allowed on my blonde mane.

aug2013jimmyVhairThis photo is from the night before a charity fashion show I was part for the Jimmy V Foundation. I had Kendra style my hair after touching up my roots. Its one of the few photos I have of my hair right after the magic has been completed.

And can I just mention that I got to meet DJ Tanner (Full House, people!) herself, Candice Cameron-Bure the next day!?! She was the host of the charity show. Childhood goal accomplished!!

Then I decided the bring the pink back in my life before I turned the big 3-0. Again, like a moron, many moons ago, I decided to do this to my hair MYSELF. People, for the health of ‘yo hair, if you are like me + should have been born with rainbow-colored hair, let a professional do it. I promise it will look SO much better and you won’t FRY your hair like I did. It took YEARS for my hair to get to where its at now but had I met Kendra earlier…you get the idea.


This is the first time, with more emphasis on the entire top sections of my hair being pink.

Then we decided to section the pink in with the blonde, which is how I’m
still wearing my hair. It’s grown quite a bit since these photos, ANOTHER
perk of having Kendra tackle my hurr3_2014
hair. It was so unhealthy that it would only grow to a certain length before immediately breaking off. Now, that its healthy, its actually growing… another miracle.

So there you have it: where my hair has been and how it was brought back to life by one of my most favorite people in the world.

Whenever I look in the mirror, despite my mood or how crappy my day has been, the fact that I have pink hair always makes me happy. How can it not? It’s totally how I see myself in my head:

I should have been born with pink hair.

But since I wasn’t, I thank Kendra for helping me look like I was. =) She’s the absolute BEST!


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